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Dividing Souls

Once there were two men, an' they were out one afternoon fishin'. They caught a large basket of fish. It was growin' towards evening.

One of the men says, "Where shall we go to count the fish?"

The other man says, "Oh, we'll find a place."

So they went on till they come to a graveyard. So they stopped. They went in an' started a-countin', "One for me, an' one for you." They had dropped two fish on the road. They kept on saying, "One for me an' one for you, two for me an' two for you."

One of the preacher's friends come along. He stopped an' listened, an' they were in their fifties. He thought the Devil and the Lord was in the graveyard dividin' up people.

So he goes to the preacher's house. And he said, "Reverend John, your preachin's true, but the Devil an' the Lord's in the graveyard dividin' up people."

Says, "How do you know? I don't believe you."

Says, "Well, get your hat and come an' see."

When they had got to the graveyard, they heard the two fishermen say, "Let us go after the other two!"

So they both ran home as fast as they could go.

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