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APUS Legal Studies Program Writing Guide

Legal Studies Writing Guide Introduction

This guide is designed to give Legal Studies Program-specific guidance for the writing requirements in graduate and undergraduate classes. This guide covers a wide range of writing, and also touches on the Bluebook citation requirements and the Masters Capstone Creative Project requirements. That said, the Bluebook itself, which is available to students free of charge through the APUS Library, and the End of Program Assessment Manual for Graduate Studies, version 2018, are the last word when it comes to formatting citation and Masters Capstone Creative Projects.

The other thing to keep in mind as you use this manual is that its intent is to make it easier for you to understand the basic writing requirements in the Legal Studies Program. It is not designed to address all questions you might have as you work on your assignments, exams, forums and other written work. In the event that you have questions that are not answered in this general guide, you should ask your professor for help right away. 

We hope this guide is helpful and wish you the best of luck as you work towards your degree. And remember: the only stupid question is the one unasked!

Prof. Terri Wilkin, Program Director

Prof. Christina Ekman

Prof. Karen Morrissette

Molly Fischer, Librarian

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